Marwan Chamaa

Born in Lebanon in 1964, Marwan Chamaa is a painter, designer, and storyteller who studied Art at the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese American University, and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. His interdisciplinary practice is reflected in his distinctive style that has been described by critics as “neo-pop art”.   Through his large-scale painting series that form inter-connected narratives – and in his triptych and diptych paintings –Chamaa conveys his view of the world that is laced with ironic or sarcastic undertones.  Influenced by his Arab heritage, Chamaa also draws from multiple cultural references including communist propaganda posters, vintage Western comic book covers, and pop-art references, inviting a reflection on appropriation, consumerism, and collective identity. His painting series titled Ana biddeh (I want), which relies heavily on Roy Lichtenstein’s aesthetic practice is a scathing critique of global consumerism and its corrosive effects on national identity and collectivity. His works have been exhibited in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and across Europe.