Liane Mathes Rabbath

Liane Mathes Rabbath is a Beirut-based artist who for the past 20 years or so, has experimented with the diverse medium of collage, creating elaborate geometric works that attest to the versatility of her chosen medium. Rabbath’s artistic career began when she moved from her native Luxembourg to Lebanon over two decades ago. During this period, she met prominent Lebanese artists Paul Guiragossian and Tania Bakalian Safieddine, who greatly influenced her unique artistic practice by introducing her to collage. Rabbath is equally influenced by Beirut’s intercultural environment, claiming that the abstract designs she sees in churches and mosques inspire her detailed and delicate geometric collages.  Several of her works are also comprised of everyday objects, including cigarette papers and distinctive colorful cardboard packaging, often adorned with calligraphy and ornate designs.  Rabbath has participated in several exhibitions including Beirut Art Fair (2016, 2014); Vento d’Oriente, Arte Studio Loreta Larkin in Italy (2016), and the LAU Fine Arts Alumni Biennial (2016). She continues to live and work in Beirut where she has an atelier.