Omar Zeidan

Omar Zeidan is a mixed media Lebanese artist who works predominantly in painting and digital media.  Zeidan’s unique style borrows techniques from digital art as well as music and sound composition, owing to his experience as a techno composer. His digital print work focus on the minute details of flowers, blade of grass, and other textured surfaces, to create highly saturated colored images that appear almost kaleidoscopic on the canvas’ surface.  Similarly, his electric and vibrant oil paintings are characterized by frenetic lines, in turn creating an abstraction of movement and color.  The artist’s passion for art was undoubtedly shaped and nurtured by his mother, Salwa Zeidan, a notable Lebanese sculptor and painter. His works are held in various collections and public venues, including the Rocco Forte Hotel in Abu Dhabi. In addition to holding three solo shows and numerous group exhibitions at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Zeidan’s paintings have been exhibited in Abu Dhabi Art Fair and Bahrain Art Fair.