Jamil Molaeb

Jamil Molaeb was born in Baysour, a town in the Chouf region of Lebanon where he continues to live and work.  In addition to painting, Molaeb is a sculptor and makes mosaics – a practice reflected in his canvas works.  The artist is best known for his intricate mosaic-like abstract paintings or layered village and nature scenes that appear like patterned motifs on the canvases’ surface. Molaeb began his artistic career in the seventies, after training under renowned artists such as Chafic Abboud and Paul Guiragossian at the Fine Arts Institute of the Lebanese University, and in 1984, enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at New York’s Pratt Institute.  He later obtained a doctorate in art education from Ohio State University.  Molaeb has exhibited widely since 1966 in Beirut, Algeria, New York, England, and the United States, and his work has been featured in notable contemporary art fairs, including Europ’art (Geneva), St’art (Strasbourg), Art Paris Abu Dhabi, and Art Dubai. His work has been acquired by public and private collections including The World Bank in Washington D.C. and has been sold in international auctions.