Nadim Karam

Nadim Karam is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work incorporates painting, drawing, and sculpture through a distinct artistic style that draws from Oriental and Japanese theories of space.  His work is preoccupied with the human condition and he believes in art’s transcendental qualities and the role of the artist as someone who can provide an alternative blueprint for the ways cities function – a preoccupation that stems from his practice as an architect.  Studying architecture at the American University of Beirut, Karam went on to study at the University of Tokyo in 1982 for a doctorate.  He went on to become the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design at Notre Dame University in Lebanon (2000-3) and taught architectural design at the American University of Beirut (1993-1995; 2003-4).  Karam has participated in several international exhibitions, including Liverpool (2006), Venice (1996), Gwangju (1995), and Shaghai JSIP (2014) biennales and with galleries in Lebanon, Dubai, France, Brussels, and London. His latest book Stretching Thoughts was published by Booth Clibborn Editions, London in 2013.