Yousef Ahmad


cultural narratives yousef ahmad portrait

Yousef Ahmad, born in Doha in 1955, studied at Helwan University in Cairo, where he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and Education in 1976. He later completed his Master’s degree in Fine Arts in the United States. Yousef’s new knowledge of lithography and typography inspired him to explore the potential of Arabic calligraphy, developing innovative forms and interpretations of letter shapes.

His first major exhibition was in Washington, DC, where he showcased his novel approach to Arabic calligraphy and script. In March 1977, he became the first Qatari to hold a solo exhibition in Doha, focusing on the Hurufiyah style of contemporary calligraphy. His works are held by prestigious international museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum, and are displayed by renowned galleries, auction houses, and international art companies worldwide. Yousef’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions globally and he has received various awards, prizes, and widespread acclaim.

cultural narratives yousef ahmad artwork