Serwan Baran

Born in Baghdad in 1968, Serwan Baran is a graduate of Fine Arts from Babel University, a member of AIAP, the Iraqi Fine Art Association, and the National Art Association. The artist’s style is recognisable for its impressionistic realism; the subject matter: portraiture, depictions of military figures, local “common folk”, scenes of individuals in uniform. As of 2003, while preserving his signature brushstroke, the artist shifted his style into abstraction, which led him to turn his attention inward, allowing the subject matter to be more driven by impulse than premeditated composition. Baran was chosen to represent Iraq at the 58th International Venice Biennale in 2019. Baran’s awards for art include the first prize for youth, Baghdad, 1990, the second prize at the Iraqi
Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1994, the golden prize at the Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1995, an honorary medal at the Cairo 7th Biennial, 2002 and a discretionary award at Baghdad Pinal 2002. He has lived in Iraq, Jordan and Beirut.