Samia Osseiran Jumblatt


Samia Osseiran Jumblatt, born in Saida, South Lebanon, in 1944, studied Fine Arts at Beirut College for Women, graduating in 1965, and earned her MFA from the Pius XII Institute in Florence in 1967. After returning to Lebanon, she taught at her alma mater until 1973 and then received a scholarship from the Japanese Embassy in Lebanon to study graphic art at the University of Fine Arts in Tokyo in 1974. Influenced by the abstract painting movement of the 1960s and her collaborations with noted abstract painter Helen Khal, Osseiran developed a distinctive style that blends abstract and humanistic elements.

Her work often reflects significant personal events, such as her brother’s death in the 1970s, which inspired a poignant series exhibited at the Manoug Art Center in 1972, and her mother’s passing in 2007, leading to a series of celebratory floral paintings. Osseiran’s diverse artistic modes, including her exploration of floral and abstract themes, are marked by her background in graphic design.


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