Rached Bohsali


Rached Bohsali is a trained architect and painter whose work has been exhibited widely in his native Beirut, the Arab world, Europe and the United States. Bohsali works primarily with watercolour, producing still life compositions that engage with the materiality of his objects to reveal the subtle interplay between light and shadow. Working in a hyperrealist style, the artist imbues his reflective metal surfaces and inanimate objects with movement and depth, at the same time inviting a reflection on the importance of cultural preservation. He has received several awards including a Special Mention by the Salon d’Automne held at the Sursock Museum and the Shield of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. He was one of 12 prize-winners of the Worldwide Millennium Painting Competition organized by Windsor & Newton and IMOGEN in London. Bohsali holds a BA in Architecture from the American University of Beirut and a CEAA in Domestic Architecture from the Ecole d’Archiecture Paris-Villemin. He continues to work in Beirut where he chairs the Fine Arts Department of the Lebanese American University.