Rached Bohsali

Rached Bohsali is a trained architect and painter whose work has been exhibited widely in his native Beirut, the Arab world, Europe, and the United States. Bohsali works primarily with watercolor, producing still-life compositions that engage with the materiality of his objects to reveal the subtle interplay between light and shadow.  Executed in a hyper-realist style, the artist imbues his reflective metal surfaces and inanimate objects with movement and depth, at the same time inviting a reflection on the importance of cultural preservation.  He has received several awards including a Special Mention by the Salon d’Automne held at the Sursock Museum; the Shield of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture & Higher Education; and was one of 12 Prizewinners of the World-Wide Millennium Painting Competition organized by Windsor & Newton and IMOGEN in London. Receiving a BA in Architecture from the American University of Beirut and a C.E.A.A. in Domestic Architecture from the Ecole d’Archiecture Paris-Villemin, Bohsali continues to work in Beirut where he chairs the Fine Arts Department of the Lebanese American University.