Nazir Ismail

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1948, Nazir Ismail took part in over 60 exhibitions throughout his artistic career. His colourful oil paintings capture human figures and roosters in warm, earthy colours, while his watercolours on paper convey the realities of modern Syria. He
chooses to filter through the immediate environment he is exposed to, exploring themes of loss, confusion, bitterness, and anxiety. In his words, he seeks to ‘work in an expressive manner, trying to transmit the emotional and psychological state through colour and lines, and the general vibe of the art’. He won numerous prizes including the 3rd prize at the exhibition for Young Artists in Damascus in 1971, the Graphic Prize in Berlin in 1980, and the 3rd prize at the Sharjah Biennale in 1996. His work was exhibited in
several institutions and galleries, including museums and ministries in Damascus as well as private collections. The artist passed away in 2016.