Mansour El Habre

Mansour El Habre was born in Lebanon in 1970 and studied fine arts at the Lebanese University and the University of Balamand. His work as a printmaker, painter, and draftsman often give a surreal take on the realities of daily life, more recently presenting chaotic collage-effect canvases that feature faceless or animal-headed figures. His colorful and atmospheric works speak to the chaos and overlapping narratives of reality that for El Habre, are reduced to elemental forms and colors.  His work has been exhibited across notable institutions and art spaces in Beirut, including a permanent collection at Galerie Janine Rubeiz, which also showcased his work at Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  El Habre has participated in numerous international exhibitions including across the Gulf, Europe, and North America.  He lives and works in Beirut, where he is an instructor at ALBA – the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts.