Kourosh Salehi

Born in Khuzestan, Iran and raised in London, Kourosh Salehi
studied traditional Persian painting as a child and later attended
art school in the UK. He is based in Abu Dhabi. After leaving Iran for the UK, he joined the local art college. Three years later, he received his MA in Art and Architecture in London. From an early age, his father influenced him, taking him to galleries and encouraging him to paint. Since the early 1990s, he practised architecture, but his work as a visual artist was always his primary form of self-expression. The artist is considered one of the most significant painters of his generation. He is also part of the group of post-revolution Iranian Visual Artists who merged Eastern-Western traditions. In 2009, a collection of his paintings and video art films were exhibited at the Idea Generation Gallery in London. His works have also been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the
Middle East.