Julie Bou Farah

Born in Dahr El Sawan, in 1965, Julie Bou Farah graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) where she later went on to teach in 1991.  Farah has also held teaching positions at Notre Dame University and the Lebanese University.  She is best known for her naïvely rendered paintings that reflect her subject matter which includes children, animals, and playful interiors.  Her later work has seen her delve into political subjects, including her spirited portrait, O-BA-MA, which depicts the former US president.  Her use of vibrant colors, energetic brushstrokes, and unique composition call attention to the painting’s flatness in a way that is reminiscent of the style of Cezanne and Matisse. Farah’s distinct style has been internationally recognized, and her work Fun Fair (1999) was awarded first prize at the Henri Matisse 16th UMAM Biennale in Nice, France.  She has gone on to exhibit widely in solo and group in her native Lebanon, Bahrain, and France.