Hani Zurob

Hani Zurob, born in Rafah Camp in Gaza, Palestine in 1976. He is an influential contemporary Palestinian artist, currently working in Paris. Taking inspiration from personal narratives, his works explore the theme of transience and displacement, and in his abstract Projections series (2008) he reflects on the violence against the Palestinian people. Zuroub moved to Nablus where he received a BA of Fine Arts in 1999. With the aim of pursuing an artistic career, Zroub moved to Ramallah in 1991 and in 2002 he was selected to participate in the A.M. Qattan Foundation Young Artist of the Year Award. It was during this time that he was imprisoned by Israeli authorities, an experience which informed the work titled A Song: If I Say No, I mean No. Zroub has gained notable recognition, internationally and at home and has won several international awards and residencies, including a residency at Cité Internationale des Artes, Paris.