Hala Choucair


Born in Lebanon in 1957, Hala Choucair is a painter who is best known for her intricate paintings that focus on the minute detail of the objects she draws. Whether it’s the heart of an artichoke or a grain of salt, he work invites the viewer to look closely and to consider the relationship between the finite and the infinite. Her layered patterns, delicately executed in acrylics, fill her canvases with a delicate precision that encourages a different way of observing and viewing. The artist received an MA in Cinematographic Studies from the Sorbonne University, Paris in 1981, after which she moved to Beirut to work in film production and window dressing. In 2002, Choucair documented the artistic career of her mother, notable Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair, in a “catalogue raisonné.” The artist has exhibited widely, including at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Centre in New York City (2007) and in her native Lebanon, with her most recent solo show titled This Is How It All Starts (2014), which took place at Agial Art Gallery in Beirut. The artist lives and works in New York.