Carla Salem


Born in Lebanon in 1978, Carla Salem is a papermaker and printmaker whose work explores the relationship between language and form. Drawing inspiration from Japanese calligraphy, having lived in Japan for seven years, Salem merges this form of artistic writing with her native Arabic calligraphy, to invite a reflection on cultural hybridity and the creative potential of transcultural artistic process. Her artistic process explores the relationship between surface and texture, with the artist producing mulberry paper (washi) – a delicate multi-step technique – and its interaction with light. In 2014, Salem was awarded by the Boghossian Foundation Prize (Brussels). She has exhibited her works at Agial Art Gallery in collaboration with the British Museum, Medina (2014), The Graphic Design 20th Anniversary Exhibit, American University of Beirut (2013), Moineau Gallery, Tokyo (2012) and the Fine Arts Museum of the Tokyo University of Arts (2011). In addition to developing her artistic practice, the artist teaches printmaking and papermaking at the American University of Beirut.