Cansu Sönmez

Cansu Sönmez was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991. She graduated from Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty (Painting Department) in 2013 and she continued her studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Basic Art and Design Master Programme. In 2013, she took an interest in dystopia as a theme for a body of work, and videotaped as well as photographed the productions of lifeless mannequins in the factory. She aims to show the relationship between mankind, city and nature, heavily venturing into a Magritte-like pop surrealism. From street art to kinetic art, Sönmez appreciates the mental struggle and the intellectual abstraction brought forth by the dialectic between consciousness and unconsciousness. With the works she makes by using Lego pieces, Sönmez shows this dystopian phenomenon, i.e, the unplanned urbanisation created in her country.