Alaa Sharabi

Alaa Sharabi was born in Damascus in 1988 and studied printmaking at the University of Damascus where he was later appointed as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts. His bold paintings combine rich palettes with frenetic lines and complex compositions. Tangled and twisted, at times almost cubist, his figures and animals convey a sense of chaotic confusion, offset by Sharabi’s joyous, playful choice of colors.  His unique perspective imbues the canvas with rapturous energy that emphasizes the gestural abstractions of the artistic process. Sharabi has participated in numerous exhibitions in his native Syria, as well as internationally, including the Beirut Contemporary Art Fair in Beirut in 2013; the Contemporary Global Art Fair exhibition with Samer Kozah Gallery in Beirut in 2014;  and a group exhibition in Fabriano, Itay in 2014.  In 2013, he was awarded the 1st prize at the 8th Annual Youth Exhibition. The artist continues to live and works in Damascus.