Abed Al Kadiri


Abed Al Kadiri is a Lebanese artist and curator who has played a sizable role in developing and showcasing art from the region. He studied Arabic Literature and Fine Arts at the Lebanese University, and following the 2006 Lebanon War, he moved to Kuwait where he work worked as an art critic, and in 2010 founded the FA Gallery, Kuwait. Two years later he was appointed the Director role at Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait, where he curated numerous shows, developed arts education programmes, and established transcultural exchanges with galleries in Asia, Europe and the wider region. Al Kadiri’s artistic works are focused on issues of censorship, occupation, migration, as well as globalization and its discontents. His mixed-media works – namely his existentially titled States of Anxiety series (2014) that uses ink and cigarette ashes on tissue to create distorted portraits, barely visible through their abstraction ¬¬– speaks to the psychological burden of living in our conflict-ridden contemporary times. The artist has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions regionally and internationally, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Paris, London, Hungary and Basel.